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Who is Gerald R. Flurry?

Gerald R. Flurry - Armstrong International Cultural FoundaitonGerald R. Flurry is the editor-in-chief of the Philadelphia Trumpet news magazine and the presenter of The Key of David television program. Gerald Flurry is also the pastor general of the Philadelphia Church of God.

The Philadelphia Church of God is a worldwide organization that is dedicated to living by every word of the Bible. It not only sponsors the Philadelphia Trumpet and The Key of David TV program, it also supports a liberal arts college and non-profit, humanitarian organization.

The liberal arts institution is the Herbert W. Armstrong College. Gerald Flurry founded the college in 2001 as Imperial College and is the chancellor. The campus is in Edmond Oklahoma. When Gerald Flurry announced the start of the college in 2001, he wrote “At our college, we will teach our young people to open their minds to all truth and ‘prove all things’.” He said the college “will give them hope.”

Gerald Flurry chairs the Philadelphia Church of God’s non-profit humanitarian organization, the Armstrong International Cultural Foundation. Founded in 1996 as the Philadelphia Foundation, Mr. Flurry has directed the foundation’s efforts to support goodwill undertakings for the benefit of all people.

As pastor general, Gerald Flurry directs all of these activities of the Philadelphia Church of God, but you will most likely see him on the Key of David program. On that program Gerald Flurry discusses world events in the light of Bible prophecy. You can watch his television program every week at youtube.com/TheTrumpetDaily. Titles of some of the most watched episodes include “The America-Europe Financial Crisis,” “Charleston, How to Solve Race Relations,” “Psalm 83 Is Being Fulfilled,” and “Putin Remembers Yugoslavia.”

His Key of David programs can also be heard over the radio on KPCG.FM.

As editor in chief of the Philadelphia Trumpet is a newsmagazine that is published 10 times a year, available by subscription absolutely free. The Trumpet reports and analyzes news that shows Bible prophecy is being fulfilled and explains where world events are headed.

Gerald Flurry has been an ordained minister for over 35 years. He formerly served under Herbert W. Armstrong as pastor in the Worldwide Church of God. He was excommunicated for resisting changes that were moving the Worldwide Church of God away from the teachings of Mr. Armstrong. He founded the Philadelphia Church of God in 1989.

Since then Gerald Flurry has preached the wonderful news of Jesus Christ’s Second Coming to save mankind. He also delivers a warning message to God’s Church about the doctrinal changes he resisted.

That good news and warning message goes out to over hundreds of millions of potential viewers worldwide.