Gerald R. Flurry speaks about King Hezekiah

Key of David: King Hezekiah

This week on the Key of David Program, Gerald Flurry spoke about one of the most incredible discoveries made in archeological history. The discovery of the official royal seal of King Hezekiah is another way that has, once again, proved the authority of the Bible and has taught incredible lesson we can learn from this former king of Judah to apply in out lives today.

Dr. Eilat Mazar and her team have unearthed a new discovery from her latest archaeological excavation in Jerusalem: the bulla (an official seal or stamp) of King Hezekiah of Judah. The clay seal stamped with Hezekiah’s name was found in the royal quarter of the Ophel and marks Mazar’s newest biblically related find. Mazar’s archaeological team discovered the private seal of the king during a recent phase of excavations by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. The inscription on the bulla reads: “Belonging to Hezekiah [son of] Ahaz, King of Judah.”

The Armstrong International Cultural Foundation, chaired by Gerald Flurry (pastor general of the Philadelphia Church of God), has been a large supporter of Dr. Mazar and her various archaeological projects. Herbert W. Armstrong College has sent numerous students to Jerusalem to participate in her Ophel excavations in the past.

Some of her other discoveries in Jerusalem include King David’s palace, Nehemiah’s wall, bullae belonging to princes who persecuted the Prophet Jeremiah, a Davidic-era secret tunnel, and a Solomonic-era wall. She plans to publish Volume 1 of her final report on her recent Ophel excavations later this month.

The Bible records that Hezekiah, son of Ahaz, ruled the kingdom of Judah from its capital, Jerusalem, 14 generations after King David during a major military conflict with Assyria. 2 Kings 18:5 notes his historical significance by recording: “[A]fter him was none like him among all the kings of Judah, nor any that were before him.”

Secular sources corroborate the unbelievable story of King Hezekiah. Hezekiah’s reign is also one of the best documented pieces of history cited by non-biblical sources: the chronicles of the Assyrian kings Sargon II and Sennacherib. Rarely have science and the Bible so dramatically converged—this time proving that King Hezekiah is far more than an ancient legend. His story is proof that God will perform powerful miracles for anyone who trusts Him. Learn about all this rich history and what it means to us today on this week’s episode of the Key of David with Gerald Flurry.